by Jonathan Blanchard

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  • Would You Drink Poison?

    Why does God speak to us while we are sleeping?  Is this a question you have ever asked?  It is also a question some would never consider.  They would not consider it because they do not believe it is a reality.  Others do not believe God is exist, so why entertain it.  In addition, there are many who do believe in God, but they deny He would do such things. Many people have concluded these types of experiences were just for the early believers. Lastly, there are many who live in this reality.   We will find testimony of these experiences in the Scripture.  Not just once, but time and time again.  The first account in the Bible is when God gave Abimelech a dream.  In Genesis 20:3 we find God visiting Abimelech to warn Him about taking Abraham’s wife.  Likewise, many people today can give testimony of God speaking in dreams.  God interacts with people while they sleep.  The first answer to this question is simple.  Why does God use dreams or other experiences to communicate while we sleep? He does this because it is His right do it.  We are created for His good pleasure.  It is His right to will His ways, His purposes, and the means through how He does it.  We must tread lightly when we speak on matters concerning what we think God will or will not do.  I say this because many people argue about how God interacts with mankind.  Learning about God’s ways is essential to accepting who He is. It essential to the Kingdom of God and the building of His Church.  If we want to know what He says about Himself, we must accept the document that testifies about Himself.  The Bible is the Word of God to those who know God.  To many (not a perspective that I share) it is just a book of stories or opinions to ‘guide’ us.  The reality is nobody believes the Bible until they encounter God.  It is a witness about Him, it is not a letter that replaces Him.  The Bible is only for the time we live on the earth.  When we die, we will not need the Bible because we will stand face to face with its author.  Those who accept God’s Truth will accept “all scripture is God breathed” according to 2 Timothy 3:16.   If you do not believe the Bible in its entirety, I propose this.  If you confess to believe Jesus raised Himself from the dead, then you must believe all scripture is God breathed.  You cannot deny one without denying both.  The same Spirit that raised Jesus from the dead is the same Spirit who penned the Scriptures with the Apostles hands.  Accepting the Bible as the infallible work of God is a requirement to believe in Jesus’s claim of God.  There is a tragedy within the Church concerning the Bible.  There are some who stand behind a pulpit and undermine its validity.  Many would rather argue about being right about God than being rightly related to God.  What does that mean?  It means the arrogance of man tries to convey self-imposed wisdom that elevates itself above what God says.  It means people say things about Him that are not true.  Wait a minute, that sounds a lot like how the devil acts?  When we are rightly related to God, we trust Him, even if we do not understand Him.  We trust Him because we have come to know He will not mislead us.  We do not rely on our own understanding.  We rely on His… Read more…