Good Nights, LLC and God Night

What is Good Nights, LLC?  Good Nights, LLC is a registered company with the State of North Carolina.  It is a for profit-business.  Good Nights is an event production company that funds concerts and festivals.  These are ticketed events with music and guest speakers.   The success of Good Nights supports the momentum of God Night.

The work of God Night is not for-profit.  God Nights are free and take place where opportunities allow.  Any revenue invested in God Night remains for the momentum of this ministry.  God Night operates under the umbrella of Good Nights LLC.  God Night exist to create an environment for God to God.  The revenue needed to bring God Night comes from two streams.  The first stream is success of Good Nights, LLC.  The second is from individuals who want to buy subscriptions or buy advertising.

     Subscriptions are set up with a ‘name your price’ approach. You decide if you want to invest in God Night for the service it provides.  You name the value on the subscription.  Like a donation, a subscription gives you the liberty to invest as you are led to. 

     Advertising is set up for individuals or business owners.  I have been in small business for twenty-three years and expense everything within the rights of the business.  Every business succeeds by expensing all cost associated with the business.  God Night offers advertising option.  Those who advertise will be recognized for each meeting they sponsor.  Sponsors will be listed as ‘friends of God Night’ on the God Night website.

     If the love of money is the root of all kinds of evil, then our lives should be free from the love of money.  The passage is not calling money of itself evil.  When Timothy wrote this in 1 Timothy, he was emphasizing the desire to be rich can lead us into many temptations which lead to senseless and harmful desires.  Timothy is warning us to be free from the traps that can lead us astray concerning the affairs of chasing money. If anyone desires to succeed in a cause worthy of the Truth, money is a means, it is not the end.  Success cannot be determined by monetary gain, but by the fruit of lives being transformed.

– Jonathan Blanchard