Re-seeding a Generation

 It is amazing to think that all things in the earth still start as a seed. Everything you and I partake of on a daily routine is evident of this design. The tree that stands tall was once hidden in the soil below. That hidden seed sprouted into the warmth of the sun from the work of germination. The seed matured into a tree that provides oxygen for our lungs to inhale. This routine has been on repeat for thousands of years. The Almighty has magnificently orchestrated His work of life to sustain us day in and day out. The cycle of re-seeding continues for our sake to produce oxygen, vegetables, cotton, fruit, and every other consumable crop year after year. However, within the simple understanding of a seed’s purpose there is a great parallel that unlocks a bigger picture: a plan to preserve the knowledge of God in the earth. 

Why don’t we start with an orange for example? People enjoy oranges because the taste of citrus is sweet in our mouth. They are healthy with vitamin C that contributes to our immune system. A fresh-squeezed glass of orange juice goes well with the morning pallet. This fruit creates opportunity for business and economic success. The orange is no stranger to supply and demand. As a result of this demand the farmers keep replanting orange seeds so the marketplace can keep selling them. What if one day a farmer plucked an orange off his tree to learn his orange was seedless? What if oranges stopped producing seeds? What would eventually happen to the survival of the orange? The answer is self-evident. The orange would not exist past the last crop planted. The orange would be no more. Now let us be realistic here. You and I both know if you plant an orange seed the orange tree will produce oranges with seeds. We have no power to change the structure of God’s laws of nature. Nor would anyone want to stop the reproduction of oranges. These thoughts are self-evident concerning nature and creation. All seed-bearing plants will continue to reproduce more seed bearing plants. Oranges will produce more oranges and apples will keep making more apples, but if no one replants these seeds then they will die off. Likewise, there are spiritual seeds that must be replanted just like natural seeds are being replanted. 

What is a spiritual seed? Where is it planted and how does it grow? The answers to these questions will help parallel a bigger picture. Before I go into these questions let’s steer into the bigger picture. The bigger picture is the clash of two kingdoms still warring against each other in a conflict that is invisible to the natural eye. It is the war between light and dark, the struggle between the Truth versus a lie, the stand-off between righteousness and unrighteousness. The confrontation 

between light and dark has been hard at work before you and I were breathing. These forces warring against each other are seasoned in their craft of warfare. On the side of darkness, their agenda is to steal, kill and destroy. This is accomplished through seeds of deception, delusions, and unbelief towards anything about God. In the kingdom of Light the stance is to preserve, defend, and give life according to God’s declarations. This war continues between the two kingdoms in each generation. As stated, this is not a new war, it’s the same war ongoing in every time period. With each new year the real difference is a new generation of offspring. Just think about this point of view. Every person you have ever read about in history has looked upon the same moon you and I look at every night, as well as the same ocean, sun, and stars. The time we live in now has never been. There is only one year called 2020 and there will be only one year called 2021. Once that year has passed you cannot relive it. The only difference occurring in each generation is a new seed of offspring, a new group of people walking the earth that have never done so before. Within each generation there is a war between those who will believe a lie and those who will embrace the Truth. There is a replanting going on both sides of the fence. One side is planting truth in alignment with God’s words and the other side cultivating the seeds of the great liar, the devil. There is need to replant and to preserve the seed of God. It is important for this to happen so ALL may come into the knowledge of God and come to know Him. 

The spiritual seed I mentioned is just like a natural seed. This seed must have a place to be planted. A natural seed must have soil; so does a spiritual seed. The soil for the spiritual seed is the heart. How does a spiritual seed live in a person’s heart? The spiritual seed takes root in our heart by what we believe. Spiritual seeds are words. God’s words are His seeds and the devil’s words are his seeds. Those words will become part of my person when I accept them, and I will act and think in accordance with those words living in my heart. These seeds will take root and grow into fruit in my life and will be displayed through my behavior. The difference between the two seeds is that one seed will bear fruit with God and the other seed will bear fruit without God. This is explained in Hebrews 10:16 when the author was quoting Jeremiah 31:33, “This is the covenant I will make with them after that time, says the Lord. I will put my laws in their hearts and will write them on their minds.” If God can put laws in our heart and write them on our mind so can the devil. The devil’s work is to steal God’s seed and stop its reproduction from bearing fruit. The devil’s tricks are old and with each new generation he gets to break out his tricks again and start all over. God’s spiritual seed is His word. God’s word is what holds all things together. His written word through Scripture is the best instruction manual for mankind written to this day. The Bible is an irreplaceable gift for our life. However, there is a great delusion among God’s people that still think God only 

speaks through the Bible. This is a lie and great trap to keep people from knowing God on a much deeper level. The idea that God does not speak in the present tense like we talk to each other on a daily basis is a form of heresy. It is putting words in God’s mouth and basically lying about His nature. Why would anyone follow God unless you could communicate with Him and not just about Him through a letter? 

To wrap this up, we all are farmers. We may not be planting oranges, but we are planting seeds in our life and the lives of others by the words we speak. We are either planting seeds in accordance with God’s words that will bear the fruit of His Spirit. Or we are planting seeds that are bearing fruit contrary to His nature. God knows that if we do not replant His Word in our children (and those around us) it will be choked out by lies. In Deuteronomy 11:18-19 God instructs, “Therefore you shall lay up these My words in your minds and hearts and in your entire being, and bind them for a sign upon your hands and as forehead bands between your eyes, And you shall teach them to your children speaking of them when you sit in your house and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you rise up”. There is a field of hearts, a field larger than any other time before. There are billions of hearts living in the earth and each one is created to carry the knowledge of God. There is only one way to re-seed a generation. Those who carry the seed of God, His words, must replant His seed in those fields of hearts.